2 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Matthew DeLeon

    Hello Mr. Julio,
    Recently, I have started a group of 10 umvc3 players (including myself). We are based out of San Diego and frequent the SDFGC events. As of now, we are currently sponsored by them and they support our team greatly. Our team is getting stronger everyday and we are highly motivated. If you want to know more about the group our site is http://unclematt88.wix.com/iogsd
    Please take a look at the site when you have time. For now, I only want to ask you what would it take to get my team a MadCatz sponsorship in the future? I want to make sure my team is heading in the right direction. Please answer at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you.
    ioG Uncle Matt
    (Matthew DeLeon)

  2. AJ Torres

    Markman! I need some serious help at the moment. Hopefully you can get some free time to read this.

    Recently I just preordered the new TE2 street fighter 5 stick, the one with Ryu on it.
    Also I bought a LED circuit board from the madcatz store as well.
    But I’ve been wondering, does the new TE2 have a plug in for the led circuit board? I should’ve thought this out before I bought those LEDs. Lol


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