Mark ‘MarkMan’ Julio – Founder & Editor

markmanMark Julio, better known as ‘MarkMan’ to the gaming world is the foremost lead  when it comes to retail and manufactured arcade sticks. A child of the modern arcade era (90s), MarkMan began collecting arcade sticks and participated in the early days of the FGC (Fighting Game Community). He founded SDTEKKEN in 1999 and turned the local gaming group into a global resource for all things Tekken. Eventually the SDTEKKEN site grew into a fighting game & arcade stick related news hub prior to it’s editorial decline in 2010.

Mark went on to work at Mad Catz, Inc., based out of San Diego, California. Mad Catz is a global gaming company that focuses on gaming accessories and peripherals. MarkMan joined the development team as Product Manager for the fighting game products, including the initial planning and design of the ‘Street Fighter IV’ range of products that were released in early 2009. Since then MarkMan has helped develop a number of products for Mad Catz & spearheaded the marketing support efforts to make Mad Catz a household name in the competitive gaming arena. His current role is the Global Sponsorship & Community Manager where he works closely with different communities & related companies to help build awareness for gaming worldwide.

MarkMan holds the bragging rights for the biggest arcade stick collection in the world. He also enjoys video games, sneakers & traveling. Follow his adventures on twitter – @MarkMan23 & instagram – @MarkMan23.


Franz ‘d3v’ Co

markmanFranz Co, or ‘d3v’ as he’s known within the Fighting Game Community, spent his days as a youth hanging out in the various arcades that filled the malls of his native Philippines. Little did he know that this would lead to a lifelong passion for both arcade fighting games and that hardware that ran them.  It’s this passion that’s led d3v to become, among other things, a forum moderator, part time tournament organizer, commentator, repairman, artist, builder and writer.

Franz joined the front page staff of, one of the largest fighting game web-sites in the world and home of the Evolution Championship Series – the largest fighting game tournament in the world. As a front page writer, he’s covered arcade tech related news and has reviewed a fair share of arcade sticks from companies such as Razer and MadCatz. He also serves as a forum moderator for Shoryuken’s Tech Talk forum and runs alot of the community projects, such as the yearly Tech Talk awards that MarkMan first started years ago.

Franz’s arcade stick collection is nowhere near as large as Mark’s as he prefers to have a deep and meaningful relationship with only a few sticks that he lavishes with custom art and paintjobs. He also enjoys cars, racing, anime, toys & traveling. Get in touch with d3v on twitter – @D3Vlicious, Instagram – @d3vlicious or his rarely updated blog at

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