Namco Arcade Stick (PS1)

Widely considered as one of the best arcade sticks to hit retail shelves, the Namco Arcade Stick is a Japanese styled arcade stick that has built up quite a reputation amongst the fighting game crowd.

First released in late 1996, the veteran arcade stick has aged gracefully over the years and many consoles. If you can find one, get one, as they are getting harder and harder to find! Prior to the release of the Hori Real Arcade Pro series of arcade sticks, the original Namco stick was king of the hill.

In the early PS1 and even the PS2 era, high quality arcade sticks were few and far between.  The Namco Arcade Stick offered a quick and easy solution to someone that wanted to emulate a good Japanese arcade experience.

Even today with converters the Namco Arcade Stick lives on and is one of the best entry level arcade sticks for fighting games.

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