Community Database for Arcade Sticks Now Open!

12222013_Database_BuildingWe just launched our first googledoc that encompasses our database for arcade stick releasing ranging from Sega Saturn until now. We will use this database spreadsheet as a basis for the future sections of this website! Until then, we need help from YOU the community! If you have any comments, please leave them within the googledoc or in the comments below! Check out the wealth of knowledge already featured:

NOTE: There are separate tabs for each console on the bottom of the sheet, make sure you check/browse those to see other consoles!

4 thoughts on “Community Database for Arcade Sticks Now Open!

  1. MarkMan Post author

    Hi guys, MarkMan here. If you have any suggestions or submissions you can post them in the comments here. We will be updating the list throughout the days/weeks coming up.

    Our goal is to launch the actual site database/info hub on Feb. 1, 2014.


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