SRK’s 2013 Tech Talk Award Winners Announced!

SDTECHIN_SRKTTHEADERThe yearly vote amongst the tech gurus at SRK’s Tech Talk forum has come to an end. Amidst the smoke and debris, our winners are named! Find out who won for each respective category by clicking below!

The SRK Tech Talk Awards is a community ran awards vote, put together by the minds behind the world’s biggest fighting game related fan site. The awards range from best arcade sticks, to most useful forum members, and tech talk related company of the year. All in all, just like SRK Tech Talk, the awards themselves are a great resource to the community that informs readers about some of the finest this sub-community of fighting games has to offer. Below is a list of winners for each category.

2013 Arcade Stick(Non-Custom) of the Year:
– Mad Catz Killer Instinct Arcade FightStick TE2

2013 Arcade Stick Mod of the Year:
@Gummo Razer Atrox With Ouya

2013 Tech Talk Company of the Year:
– Paradise Arcade Shop ( @armi0024, @SusanInParadise )

2013 Custom Arcade Stick of the Year:
@b15sdm MGS stick with PSP and webcam
@FreedomGundam Modular Custom ABS stick

2013 Custom Arcade Stick Maker of the Year:

2013 Arcade Stick Modder of the Year:

2013 Tech Talk Member of the Year:

2013 Tech Talk Product/Accessory of the Year (PCBs, Parts, Bags, etc.):
– Paradise Arcade Kaimana

2013 Tech Talk Case Maker of the Year:
– FoeHammer

2013 Tech Talk Rookie of the Year:

Special thanks to d3v for running the tallies for the awards! You can find the original discussion here:

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