Seimitsu Debuting New Joystick Levers at JAEPO 2014

seimitsu_ls-58_600x225 Seimitsu, long known for their arcade parts such as the LS-32 joystick lever and the PS-14 line of buttons, are in the process of introducing new joysticks. In an update on their website, they’ve added a list of new joysticks that they plan to debut at the this years Japan Amusement Expo. The first of these are a couple of updates to their venerable LS-32 line of levers. The LS-32-01-S and LS-32-S take the standard LS-32 and add a new shaft cover. Previously, the LS-32 line came with exposed metal shafts. Anyone who wanted to add some protection to the shaft had to obtain a shaftcover through some other means. As with the regular LS-32-01, the LS-32-01-S also comes with a PCB that connects for a 5-pin harness.

In addition to this, they’re also introducing a PCB-less LS-58. The original LS-58-01 comes with a PCB to connect to a standard 5-pin harness. The new variant, simply called the LS-58 does not have this and uses .187 quick disconnects instead. This allows it to be used in older cabinets that do not have the 5-pin harness and use these instead.

The most exciting announcement however is that of a brand new lever, the LS-60. Seimitsu have yet to release any solid details on this other than that it will have a “softer input sense” than the LS-58 line.

JAEPO 2014 will take place on February 14 to 15, 2014. We’ll be sure to have more on these exciting new developments then. Source: Seimitsu, translation by Hibachifinal from the SRK Tech Talk forums

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