eTokki Omni Arcade Stick Rev. 5 Coming Soon!

eTokki_Omni_Rev_5_622x320Ryan “Laugh” Ahn and eTokki recently announced that “Revision 5″ of their much-vaunted Omni arcade stick is now up for pre-order. This latest version brings with it improvements to the ruggedness of the case’s already proven design, including a revised metal fabrication process that allows for a stronger, tighter case construction. Click below for more details!

Originally posted on SRK:

A new alignment mechanism, which automatically aligns the screw holes between the top and bottom of the case for easier maintenance, is also included in this revision. Finally, new tougher threaded bolt inserts are used that remain durable even after multiple dis-assemblies.

These come on top of the Omni’s already impressive array of features such as dual console (PS3 and Xbox 360) and PC compatibility, the universal joystick mount that accepts levers from Sanwa, Seimitsu, Myoungshin, Crown and more, the “arcade perfect” Namco Noir layout, anti-static ESD protection, and easy swap faceplates for Japanese and Korean style parts.

The Omni Revision 5 is set to be released on April 28 and will cost $195. Folks who are interested can pre-order either Sanwa or Korean editions over at eTokki.

SOURCE: d3v via SRK

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